Hospitals Expect Dramatic Increase in Use of Digital Media by 2013

ImagingEconomics | The digital Pandora’s box has been opened and there’s no going back. In fact, according to a recently completed survey by Acsys Interactive, a Connecticut-based firm specializing in digital media consulting, hospital marketers expect a dramatic increase in their use of digital media by 2013.

But this change comes with uncertainty about how to enact the changeover from traditional to digital communications with many marketers unprepared to adapt to new business models.

The “Insights into Action” survey found that marketers for hospitals anticipate a 400% increase in the use of digital media as their core communications channel by 2013. For community hospitals it is anticipated to be 900%. However, 91% of respondents currently feel unable to provide accurate social media metrics of their organization. Unsurprisingly, marketers foresee their greatest use of digital media in social media, web video, and secure patient portals.


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