Onsite Interventional Radiology

If you’re looking for onsite interventional radiology coverage, our team can work with you to provide the perfect solution

Onsite Interventional Radiology

Finding Interventional Radiologists, especially the right one, to join your team of physicians can be challengingwhile trying to manage the complexities of your radiology department and your operating costs. We understand the value of bringing an onsite IR expert onto your team for the benefit of your patients and other physicians, and for the success of your organization.  At ONRAD, we recognize that onsite Interventional radiology needs can vary from high–end specialized procedures to standard services, but that is dependent upon the demand from local referring physicians and your patient community.


As part of our onsite services solution, ONRAD can tailor our IR offerings to meet your current and future demands.  We work with a variety of hospitals, medical centers and large metropolitan hospital systems to develop scalable radiology programs that can deliver quality, affordable health care.


Benefits of using ONRAD’s IR Services:

  • Joint Commission Accredited organization
  • Interventional Radiologists are competent in diagnostic radiology and image-guided, minimally invasive procedures for nearly every organ system 
  • Offers your facility the ability to leverage ONRAD’s depth of American Board of Radiology Certified Physicians
  • Interventional Radiologists meet regularly with your administrative, clinical, and medical executive leadership teams
  • Staff assist with determining core areas of clinical focus or improvement.
  • Ensure excellence in patient safety
  • Establish a marketable interventional radiology program, focused on growth
  • Ability to bill for professional services rendered as direct participation and coordination in the facility’s managed care contracts.
  • Dedicated to the long-term financial success and performance of your practice.

Interested in how ONRAD’s IR Services can take your facility to the next level?