Quality Assurance & Peer Review Services

A Partnership for Quality Patient Care

QA & Peer Review Services

ONRAD’s Quality Assurance and Peer Review programs are accredited by The Joint Commission, which means they adhere to all standards for Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation (OPPE) and Focused Professional Performance Evaluation (FPPE). This accreditation gives your organization the extra added confidence of higher level support with quality radiology oversight.  Through teamwork and innovation, we can help the radiology program at your radiology group, imaging center, clinic, medical group or hospital deliver excellent patient care.

How Our Peer Review Services Work

•Step 1: ONRAD customers submit all reports including complex cases and scans that need to be reviewed by ONRAD’s Quality Assurance team.


•Step 2: ONRAD conducts an internal peer review of the radiology group performance and individual physician quality 


•Step 3: Results of the Radiology Peer Review are reported via physician-to-physician communication with each customer 


•Step 4: Sit back and watch your radiology quality and patient satisfaction scores climb. 

ONRAD radiologists

The Benefits of ONRAD’s QA & Peer Review Services

When radiology groups or hospitals need extra support with quality assurance, ONRAD’s Peer Review services can be the perfect supplement for your existing team. As an ONRAD peer review partner, you’ll have a competitive edge over other providers and the confidence of knowing that every interpretation has at least two Board Certified radiologists reviewing complicated cases, giving feedback on scans and reports, and bringing any discrepancies up for discussion.


ONRAD’s Peer Review services, hospitals and practices gain access to the Board Certified, sub-specialized experts that make up ONRAD’s Quality Assurance Program. This means that our Quality Committee creates a completely customized solution for each organization that needs the extra support of ONRAD’s radiology team. Our team creates a program for peer review that will ensure the highest quality care for your patients and improve your overall system for radiology reporting without interrupting your team’s workflow. 


ONRAD’s team of US Board Certified Radiologists are Ready to Help.