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Teleradiology Technology and Infrastructure

ONRAD’s teleradiology technology platform was built around patient security and ease of use for our customers. Secure, HIPAA compliant systems and procedures ensure that patient data is safe and secure. ONRAD’s redundant systems deliver reliability and are completely redundant.  We leverage a customized PACS system integrated with our own unique RIS, and complete electronic interfacing to your facility is easily achievable with support provided by our in-house IT staff. 

Here’s How It Works:

Step 1

Customers send images securely over a VPN to the teleradiology PACS and ONRAD monitors the receiving of studies.  DICOM images are accepted from all modalities, either directly from the modality or from a facility’s PACS. 

Step 3

Customers log in to the system through secure, encrypted authentication and view cases in real-time at any point.  The system shows when an ONRAD radiologist is interpreting a case and lets users view reports as they are created. 

Step 2

Customers have access to a RIS account, where they can view workflow and case status.  The same user-friendly, Web-based case management graphical user interface (GUI) is used by ONRAD physicians and customers. 

Step 4

ONRAD can store images on its PACS for at least six months, which provides for comparison studies and Quality Assurance checks. 

ONRAD maintains the highest security standards to ensure data integrity and HIPAA compliance, so you can rest assured that your data is safe always. All patient data is transmitted over IPSEC VPN or SSL encryption methods with 256-bit encryption and independent security certificates required. Patient data never resides outside of the ONRAD datacenter secure servers, and it’s protected on encrypted hard drives, kept safe on our redundant SAN.

Our PACS is running on state-of-the-art Servers with fully redundant optical WAN connections on multiple circuits and redundant switches.   

Benefits of ONRAD’s Technology

  • Carestream Vue PACS is one of the most trusted names in the industry
  • Web-based teleradiology RIS system: 
    • Customized work list tailored to meet the needs based on current conditions 
    • Interoperability – Interfaces with external applications to exchange data and streamline the business workflow
  • End-to-end event auditing for security and analytics
  • Real-time report status and critical alerts tracking available online
  • Preferences and layouts are tied to the login information, so studies look the same no matter where they are viewed

More Teleradiology Technology Benefits:
ONRAD’s Analytics Department

The Analytics Department is responsible for business intelligence and application development for ONRAD.  We work with businesses to develop key metrics which enables our BI tool to identify trends and create benchmarks.  In addition, we develop custom applications which leverage those same metrics, enabling it to make autonomous decisions in real time as conditions change.  

ONRAD teleradiology radiology customer support

Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence (BI) Tool


Our data warehouse database pulls information from multiple sources between disparate systems to create a “single source of truth”.  Our reporting platform handles about 3 million queries annually. 


Application Portal


Our platform which houses our custom-built applications: BI tool, scheduling system, billing application, HL7 processor, DICOM processor and RIS.  Our HL7 gateway handles about 47 million transactions annually. 

Our ultimate goal is to empower business with information and apply analytics to the applications we build.  This ultimately mitigates risks for our organization, our customers and most importantly enhance patient care.