Onsite Diagnostic Radiology

If you’re looking for traditional onsite diagnostic radiology coverage, our team can work with you to provide the perfect solution.

Onsite Diagnostic Radiology

At ONRAD, we recognize that onsite diagnostic radiology needs differ widely from customer to customer. From small outpatient imaging centers in rural areas, to independent medical groups, to massive metropolitan hospitals and to healthcare systems such as CHS and OSF Healthcare, every organization has different requirements when it comes to onsite radiology coverage. That’s why our Joint Commission Accredited radiology solutions are completely customizable, giving you the flexibility to select the coverage that best fits your organization and patient needs.

Benefits of outsourcing your Diagnostic Interpretations to ONRAD:

  • Eliminate the challenge of recruiting, training and managing members of your Radiology Department 
  • Deep network of American Board of Radiology Certified Physicians
  • Flexibility to consistently staff your department according to the needs of your patient community
  • Ability to provide a Medical Director committed to embracing the culture of the facility
  • Support implementing a radiology program based on the quality and performance goals of your Administration
  • Teleradiology network can manage fluctuations in patient volume especially after standard business hours, on weekends and during holidays
  • Provide access to sub-specialized radiologists and an array of services to help generate new opportunities from referring physicians
  • Radiologists selected for their superior clinical skill set and years of experience
  • Quality Assurance program to closely monitor performance and, if necessary, implement proactive measures to ensure quality patient care
  • Billing for Professional Services, removing the burden and financial responsibility from your facility

Whether you’re looking for traditional onsite radiology coverage or a custom blend of onsite and teleradiology coverage, our team can work with you to provide the perfect complete solution. 

Building Radiology Partnerships

  We understand that providing onsite hospital radiology services is more than simply providing radiology interpretations. Our radiologists strive to build key relationships within your organization while also reaching out to your referral base. Our onsite staff becomes part of a hospital’s medical staff infrastructure by being a valued part of your physician team and attending all the relevant meetings and interactions  establishing a communication vehicle to make it easier to grow and nurture your referral base. When you partner with ONRAD for your teleradiology, interventional radiology, and onsite radiology coverage needs, you can be confident that you are getting a complete professional radiology solution.  

Interested in Onsite Teleradiology?

  We understand the importance of orchestrating your physician schedule to provide the highest quality of patient outcomes.  ONRAD can augment your onsite diagnostic radiology staff with a dedicated remote radiologist who will read on your hospital’s PACS system.  By utilizing your system, we eliminate the need to hire an additional radiologist, reduce our implementation time and enhance your patient experience by providing an expedited workflow that results in faster turnaround times.

ONRAD onsite radiologists

Interested in how ONRAD can service your unique needs?