An Amazing Time

Farid Shafaie, MD, ONRAD Medical Director

Today is an amazing time to be in radiology.

I have practiced as a board certified in diagnostic and neuroradiologist for over twenty years. Before that, I was a mechanical engineer obtaining my license and worked for a time before following my ultimate passion of medicine. My engineering background has helped me successfully utilize and excel with the rapidly changing medical technology I have seen since the start of my career.

From my perspective, radiology is the medical field where physics, engineering and technology shine first and brightest. CT, MRI and Ultrasound brought cross-sectional and then 3-dimensional imaging. PET and nuclear imaging allows us to study the body’s biochemistry in our search for hidden disease. Angiography and interventional radiology give us tools to diagnose and treat with minimally invasive techniques. All of these amazing modalities are in constant and continuous evolution.

We are frequently challenged to learn and adapt our practice to incorporate new developments. Networking and telemedicine already allow the best and brightest to care for those patients with the most medical need from a remote location.  CAD (computer aided diagnosis) has helped us improve diagnostic accuracy in mammography. Virtual imaging systems allow patients and clinicians to touch and interact with complex 3D anatomy and see the internal details and relationships. Interacting with 3D volumetric data, such as physical objects (creating an air model), allow us to meticulously plan and execute surgical and interventional procedures to improve our patient outcomes.

With AI (artificial intelligence), radiologists are able to facilitate faster and exceptionally accurate medical diagnosis and therapy. We must embrace these maturing and emerging technologies.  I believe that AI will enhance our practice and make physician involvement in medical care more necessary. These and other new technologies will help us be better and more efficient physicians.

ONRAD is always evaluating new technologies for possible utilization to help the radiologists perform their best. Visit ONRAD in booth 3149 at RSNA2018 where we will demonstrate one of those new radiology technologies, a holographic virtual reality display.

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