Healthcare iPad deployment to approach 70% in 2011

InformationWeek | December 22 – Results from a survey of nearly 950 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) members indicates that iPad deployments are accelerating in large part due to the mobile device’s compelling point-of-care applications and uses.

Conducted October 26 during an online webinar cosponsored by HIMSS and BoxTone, a mobile service management (MSM) company, the survey’s results were released earlier this month.

Data showed that nearly 70% of the attendees were from hospitals or healthcare organizations with more than 1,500 employees, and 15% of attendees were executive-level staff or physicians.

More than 25% of the HIMSS respondents plan to deploy the iPad and other iOS devices immediately and nearly 70% plan to deploy the devices within the next year.

One-third of respondents identified point-of-care applications — including lab order visualization and results, clinical decision support, and medical image viewing applications — as top priorities, while 18% identified general administration, including billing, coding, and claims applications, as top priorities.

Nearly 75% identified secure configuration and deployment as the number one iPad IT management challenge, and 53% identified mobile application deployment as a key issue.


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