The Top Five Medical Imaging IT Products of 2010 | When Radiology Business Journal was founded four years ago, it was with the understanding that IT represented not just the platform for image interpretation, exchange, and archiving, but also a broad foundation for practice operations, communications, and financial analysis. Earlier this year (and with that in mind), we approached the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) to collaborate on a competition to recognize the remarkable innovation we were witnessing in medical imaging, across practice settings and practice domains.

We believed that the combined resources of our two organizations would generate more interest and offer greater results legitimacy for a competition to identify the Top Five Medical Imaging IT Projects of 2010. Our sincere thanks go to Anna Marie Mason, SIIM’s executive director; to the SIIM board, for approving the idea and agreeing to judge and publicize the contest to SIIM members; and (last, but not least), our panel of six judges.

We received 28 entries in the categories of clinical, interoperability, communications, business-intelligence, and security projects: All of them were very interesting, many were excellent, and five of them received the highest marks from the judges. The criteria were innovation/ingenuity; meeting a critical, urgent, or unmet need; improving quality; validating/evaluating a tool; and having the potential to be generalized to other institutions.

Here are the winning entries (edited for length and style), along with some insight into the work of the innovators who submitted them. We thank all of you who took the time to enter and invite all imaging informaticists to look for our second annual contest early in 2012.


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