Spotlight: Onrad Radiology IT Support

Onrad is always looking for ways to improve patient care and referring physician experiences with our team of radiologists. We are able to give patients access to expert care, even in rural areas. Our sub-specialty experience speaks for itself and we’re able work as a part of the care team. We are constantly adding new facilities to our list of providers our radiologists read for, providing them with sub-specialty support 24/7. 

This week we want to shine a light on a part of our business that often flies under the radar, our IT support. Most of the time, they only get the chance to be at the forefront when things are going wrong, making it hard for people to really appreciate them.

radiology IT support


Due to Onrad’s network of partners constantly growing, we have to be able to support all their needs unwaveringly. This would be totally impossible without our IT team. They must be proactive about all our issues. If anything goes wrong on the tech side of things, there are back up systems that kick in immediately, to avoid having any angry referring doctors on our hands. 

ONRAD’s teleradiology technology platform is based on a completely redundant system that achieves 0% downtime. ONRAD leverages a customized Carestream Vue PACS system integrated with a RIS from ThinairData. Complete electronic interfacing to your facility is easily achievable with support provided by our in-house IT staff. 

We never have to worry about the turn around times of our reports or making sure that we can provide top notch service to our referring physicians, clients, partners and the patients we serve and that’s all thanks to our IT crew


Benefits of ONRAD’s System:

  • Web-based teleradiology PACS system can be securely viewed from any computer.
  • Preferences and layouts are tied to the login information, so studies look the same no matter where they are viewed.
  • Real-time report status available online.
  • Carestream Vue PACS is one of the most trusted names in the industry.



One of the things our radiologists love most about being a part of Onrad, is that they are able to truly practice medicine without having to stress about outside factors. Radiologists went into medicine to become a doctor, not a business owner or operations manager, so being able to focus solely on reading cases without having to worry is invaluable.

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