10 Benefits of an On-Site Radiologist

Onsite radiologists are essentially the “CEO” of their departments, which means they need to be able to manage staff, engage patients and work with stakeholders to constantly build the organization’s brand. Onrad “CEO Radiologists” are able to recognize issues within a department and learn to take actions to resolve them. This is due in large part to the guidance and support provided by Onrad.

Our current clients tell us there are many benefits to working with Onrad, Inc, especially in instances where we have one of our radiologists onsite. Other than getting top notch, sub-specialized radiologists with strong clinical expertise; having an Onrad physician at your hospital or practice can bring about a number of benefits that might not have occurred to you.

ON-SITE radiologist vs teleradiology 

  • Having a dedicated radiologist as a part of your organization who has a sense of ownership as a result of being on-site, versus someone who is simply reading scans
  • Gaining a clinical expert who will step up in terms of overall hospital leadership
  • Building a partnership with a radiologist who understands which business objectives are necessary for growth
  • Finding an ambassador who can work to maintain good relationships with other doctors in other departments
  • Access to someone with experience developing cross-functional care models
  • Delegated Onrad radiologist to participate as a board member, at your clinics and at med exec meetings
  • Access to top level services, even in rural communities
  • Continued community education regarding wellness and varied service lines
  • Improved relationships within radiology departments between radiologists, technologists and the medical community
  • Growth of services and clinical expansion


Thinking an onsite radiologist could benefit your practice or hospital department? Reach out to us and we can help you determine what the best solution is for you.

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