Radiopharmaceuticals Market For PET, SPECT On 8% Annual Growth Curve

imagingBiz | A new report from forecasts that the global radiopharmaceuticals market for therapy and PET and SPECT imaging could see annual growth of 8% over a five-year period, reaching $4.7 billion in sales in 2015.

PET and SPECT accounted for 90% of the $3.2 billion worldwide radiopharmaceuticals market in 2010, the study also shows. Among anticipated drivers of growth cited in the study are the increasing incidence of cancer and cardiac diseases and the need for better imaging techniques for diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Moreover, the research shows, FDG is the major radiopharmaceutical used in PET; it is employed in approximately 90% of procedures. PET, the research indicates, is preferred over SPECT because of the enhanced accuracy, sensitivity, and better spatial resolution it is known to offer.

Technetium-99, the main radiopharmaceutical used in SPECT, is in limited supply, forcing healthcare providers to look for alternatives, according to the study.


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