GE Venture to Focus on Metabolic Imaging Technology Development

imagingBiz | GE has established Research Circle Technology Inc. (RCT), a new entity formed to accelerate and enhance the development of metabolic imaging and other innovative technology.

RCT’s vision is to create a strong alliance between GE’s scientists and the world’s leading universities, providing easy access to GE’s organic technology and wide scope of Healthcare expertise in an open innovation structure, explains Michael Harsh, vice president and chief technology officer, GE Healthcare. Harsh says the launch of RCT represents a significant step forward for GE Healthcare, reinventing its methods of engagement with both customers and industry thought leaders.

Potential applications of metabolic imaging technology and disease detection research have already been explored. For example, the Surbeck Laboratory at the University of California – San Francisco (UCSF) in San Francisco, California recently announced the results of a study utilizing GE’s metabolic imaging technology to study prostate cancer. Similarly, scientists at Cancer Research UK’s Cambridge Research Institute in Cambridge, England have developed a technique to show the effectiveness of breast cancer treatment weeks earlier than current methods through metabolic imaging.

Through RCT, GE aims to continue to foster the development of the technology by providing leading researchers with tools, services, and solutions that will enable them to further investigate the biochemistry of metabolism and facilitate knowledge discovery. Moreover, RCT will sell SpinLab polarizers as well as provide the licensing framework for partners to continue to develop the metabolic imaging applications.

“The focused goal of RCT is open collaboration to bring hyperpolarization technology to the world’s leading researchers and enable their studies to better understand the biochemistry of life,” concludes Jonathan A. Murray, managing director of the new entity. “The early results are very exciting.”


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