Teleradiology Turnaround Times

I recently found this article regarding EDs advertising their current turnaround times via text:

At first glance, this appears to be a great marketing idea, especially in many markets where hospitals are as common as gas stations.  After all, if I actually have a choice when needing an ED, I would prefer the shortest wait time.

As a provider of teleradiology services, we are often differentiated by our turnaroud times.  Teleradiolgy has blossomed as a result of quick results, or as we like to say, an answer to a problem so a patient can be diagnosed and get treatment.  The problem with comparing teleradiology turnaround times, however, is that we are not always comparing apples to apples.  In order for the comparisons to be relevant, we must use the same parameters of measurement.

All that said, if I’m a patient in an ED, I’m willing to sacrifice a few more minutes of my time to get the correct answer so I can get a proper diagnosis the first time around.  So, whether choosing an ED or a teleradiology vendor, turnaround time is great, but quality should be the determining factor.

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