Team Building Ideas for Radiology Practices

Free and Easy Teambuilding Ideas

quality-275x183Teamwork is one of the most important aspects of the workplace, especially in radiology where teamwork can save lives.  Unfortunately, while people come together to get the job done, they really lack in everyday teamwork skills.  However, even in the medical profession, there are quite a few free, quick and easy team building activities that can bring your employees together. The most important concept surrounding team building activities for radiology practices is to ensure they are work-related, and not just a way for employees to get out of doing their job. 

Here are some team building ideas that can be accomplished in the radiology workplace:

Scavenger Hunt – In this team building activity, the organizer supplies each team with a list of items to find.  During a timed hunt for items pertaining to work, such as gloves, the teams work together to find the items.  Furthermore, you can add questions that pertain to work, such as questions about company policy and the history behind the company.  The first team to collect all the items with correct answers to the questions wins. 

Sneak-A-Peek – Another great team building idea, which can be done in a quick fashion is the Sneak-A-Peek activity, which focuses on observation, communication, and of course, teamwork.  While the organizer creates a sculpture using office supplies or medical supplies, the teams are divided into small groups.  After one individual from each team has been given a set amount of time to peek at the sculpture, they should return to their team and report their findings, then attempt to recreate the sculpture exactly.

Autograph Bingo – One great team building idea is called autograph bingo.  This activity provides your employees with an opportunity to get to know one another a little more, building friendships which lead to great teamwork.  The organizer will create several bingo cards with facts listed on them, and then informs the players, employees, that the first one to fill a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line with the autographs of an individual who is involved with the fact, wins.

Problem-Solving Scenarios – In the medical profession, it is all about solving problems, just like this quick and easy team building idea.  The organizer will create medical-related problems that employees may come in contact with while working.  It is then up to the teams to determine the best possible solution to solving the problem. 

Team Names

When working with individuals in teams, it is a great idea to allow them to come up with team names.  Not only with this increase their team productivity, but it will help keep the activities fun and entertaining.  Some suggestions for medical-related names include:

  • The Healers
  • Medicine Men
  • Wonder Women
  • Helping Hands
  • Phantastic Physicians
  • Miracle Makers
  • Medical Marvels

Things to Remember

It is important that you choose activities that have a set of clear goals, and make sure they can communicate with you how they feel about the team building ideas you have. It is also a good idea, before beginning, that you ask their opinions on what types of activities they would enjoy, or have possibly participated in before.  Allowing them opportunities to contribute to the team building ideas will help create more interest in the idea of team building activities. Another suggestion is to remember to take both the positive and the negative feedback in a professional manner.  It would not be good team building for you to become upset with an employee who does not like a particular activity.  Most importantly, have fun and good teamwork will likely develop on its own.

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