MRI Center Survives Disaster | October 29 – Like most telephone calls that come in the middle of the night, the one that woke Dr. Javad Jamshidi, MD, alerted him of disaster.

Luckily, no one was hurt or in danger. Unfortunately the call, which he received on an early Sunday morning in March, was to alert him that his clinic, Stockton MRI, was in the middle of being gutted by a fire.

Dr. Jamshidi immediately made his way to the clinic to find nearly 50 firefighters trying to extinguish the blaze. For more than 4 hours the battle raged, until finally the flames gave way, but left little in their wake except walls, a bit of charred office furniture and destroyed medical equipment. While no loved ones were hurt, the clinic he loved, and had built into the business he had always hoped it would be, was gone.

“What I found upon my arrival, devastated me,” says Dr. Jamshidi. “There was copious damage, so much of everything blackened and ruined. Everything seemed lost.”

Much was lost, but not everything. Hope, determination and the clinic’s patients’ information were still intact, hanks to his practice management (from Sage) and off site electronic filing systems.


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