How ONRAD Helps Its Radiologists Achieve Work/Life Balance

To quote Linda Dew M.D., FRCPC, DABR from a recent article posted on, “As medicine has moved forward, radiology has been a part of that…we’re much more an integral part of the health care system”. With the advent of Teleradiology technology and vastly improved imaging equipment, diagnostic studies are being read all hours of the day to aide healthcare facilities and referring physicians to provide quality patient care.

ONRAD, Your Radiology Partner


With ONRAD, healthcare providers no longer have to stress nor be concerned with managing around the clock workflow and physician scheduling. As your partner, Onrad will handle infrastructure, technology, staffing and administration of your Radiology Services.

ONRAD currently employs or contracts with more than 90 radiologists. The depth and breadth of our sub-specialty expertise allows us to leverage the clinical skill sets of any given radiologist at literally any time of the day or night, and creates the foundation for our philosophy of having the “right exam, read by the right radiologist, at the right time.” We currently support a number of different sub-specialties including neuroradiology, body imaging, breast imaging, emergency radiology, musculoskeletal and nuclear medicine.

All physicians employed by ONRAD are board certified by the American Board of Radiology and fellowship trained in a respective field (i.e. neuroradiology, body imaging, etc.). By placing the level of scrutiny on our physician recruits as we do, ONRAD ensures that each of its physicians, both onsite and teleradiologists, will meet the quality expectations set forth by our clients and partners’ organizations.

ONRAD’s commitment to providing a team of highly qualified, sub-specialized Radiologists provides us and our partners with the necessary manpower to provide our Radiologists greater flexibility to schedule their work hours to meet the demands of their daily lives. Onrad also knows that managing work/life balance is not only about flexible scheduling but building positive relationships with our Radiologists to encourage dialogue on how to improve our clinical practice and processes that we can mutually benefit from.

For Onrad, it’s a collaborative effort on behalf of our Physicians, Technology, Quality Care and our Partners, working seamlessly together to provide the best services and patient care.


ONRAD, Inc. is a Joint Commission Accredited full service radiology services provider headquartered in Riverside, California.  As a partner to its customers, we can complement and expand the radiology services already in place or provide a more comprehensive full-service solution.  ONRAD provides on-site radiology including Interventional Radiology, sub-specialty interpretations, teleradiology, RIS/PACS support, as well as final and preliminary radiology reports. 

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