DCMSYS Solution improves Teleradiology at Baylor College of Medicine, Produces ‘Win’ for Patients

PRNewswire.com | October 5 – When Baylor College of Medicine wanted to improve transmission times across their teleradiology network, they found that Dicom System’s solution was “a win for teleradiology sites, for our teleradiologists, for IT and, most importantly, for the patients” (Executive Director, BCM).

At Baylor College of Medicine (Houston, Texas), Teleradiology is a key revenue, instructional and community outreach function for providing specialty reads, comparisons and external interpretations. To allow flexibility, BCM routes all images from teleradiology sites to the BCM PACS system so that radiologists can read data on one familiar system from any site on the network. Image transmission times, report turnaround times, image quality, and collaboration between Radiology and IT are vital to patient safety, and to the success and sustainability of this model.

BCM started with a site-to-site VPN model for secure image transmission from remote teleradiology sites to the BCM PACS. This model is secure, but multiple third-party vendors, firewalls, and configurations are required. This had caused some problems, including unpredictable costs and time in setting up and maintenance, and when the system went wrong it was difficult to troubleshoot. Plus transmission times were dependent on the Internet connection and other competing traffic at the teleradiology site.

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