A Simple Equation

Our sales team speaks to hundreds of Radiology Directors each month. Many times there is not a need, but we like to have conversations to simply learn on a daily basis about the emerging dynamics of providing professional radiology services. While most of the conversations vary to some degree, there are without a doubt, similiar frustrations expressed in every conversation.

Here are 3 complaints that ONRAD hears on a daily basis:
1) Physician interaction is mediocre at best. What? By now, every competent radiology group MUST understand that their core job is more than just sitting behind a computer dictating studies. Radiologist must spend time interacting with the medical staff, technicians, and the administration. No compromise here!
2) Our worklist backs up when our radiologist is performing a procedure. This is an easy fix. If your provider also has its’ own network of teleradiologists, this would never be an issue. If the onsite radiologist is busy, then the studies should be sent to the network of teleradiologists for interpretation. This ensures that clinical decisions can be made in a timely manner.
3) We lack sub-specialists. Just like #2, if your group has its’ own network of teleradiologists, any studies can be sent to a sub-specialized radiologist for interpretation. This should be standard practice to ensure your patients are getting the best care possible.

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