9 Simple Ways To Cut Costs In Your Radiology Practice

Looking for simple ways to help your radiology practice to cut costs? We’ve put together a list of fast, easy ideas that could add up to big savings:

Radiology Cost CuttingInstall a Smart Thermostat

These technological marvels have sophisticated behavioral algorithms that allow them to “learn” your schedule. Great for home use, they are even more efficient in an office environment where schedules are far more regimented. Expect a 20-30 percent drop in energy bills.

Turn Off Computers at Night

There is a misconception that shutting down a computer every night is somehow deleterious to the machine. Conventional wisdom suggests that a computer should be allowed to enter its “sleep” mode instead. Neither fact is correct. While a computer in sleep mode does use less energy, it is still substantial compared to being powered down. By the way, laptops can consume 50 percent less energy than desktops.

Properly Set Timers

At night, lights are an important element of security. There is no point, however, in having them on when there is adequate daylight. Adjust your timers regularly to reflect the changing of light conditions.

Use Motion Sensors

There are plenty of spaces where timers are not appropriate but the light does not need to be on all the time. Use motion sensors that will automatically turn the lights on and off in these little used spaces such as bathrooms or maintenance closets.

Ensure Proper Air Circulation

Remove all obstacles, furniture or debris that is obstructing the flow of air from the heating and cooling vents. The HVAC system will more operate efficiently, i.e. in a less costly manner, and overall comfort will be improved. During winter, use ceiling fans to circulate the heated air near the ceiling closer to the ground level.

Switch to CFLs

Compact fluorescent lights are the wave of the future. Competitively priced, they save money by lowering electric bills and by lasting ten times longer. They also operate at a significantly cooler temperature than incandescent bulbs and will thus save on cooling costs.

Save on Paper

Radiology offices create a wide assortment of paperwork that is perfectly suited to double-sided printing. Implementing that change alone could cut your paper costs by 50 percent! Forms, information packets and FAQ sheets are just some of the printed documentation that will be read once and then discarded. You can also receive your faxes electronically, which saves paper and toner.

Archive Electronically

In a similar vein, electronic storage of documents is significantly less expensive than physical storage. The elimination of paper costs pales in comparison to the total savings. Less rent space, less cabinetry for storage for and less payroll for filing add up to substantial savings. A simple dedicated document scanner is all that is needed. They are fast, reliable, scan to PDF and are very affordable.

Cut Back on Outside Maintenance Services

Outsourcing routine maintenance duties is expensive. Try tasking a staff member with some of the more mundane tasks like feeding the goldfish or watering the plants. More substantial tasks can still be handled by the maintenance service on a less regular basis.

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