5 Essential Tools of Effective Customer Service and Retention

Proactive Customer ServiceCustomer service is like a good stew. It blends different ingredients that complement each other and eventually results in a great meal. Customer retention is what you get after you’ve served that famous customer service stew. The receipe for successful customer service is unique in the teleradiology industry and for other business models. However, there are 5 essential tools that can be applied to any business:


If your customer has an issue at 3am – you better be sure the ringer on your cell phone is on!

Follow Through

As the saying goes, “Say what you mean, and mean what you say!”

Identify the Stakeholders

No matter what product or service you offer, there are stakeholder groups that have different needs and demands for you. You need to understand each of these groups and how to work with them.


From the CEO to the employees “on the front line,” everyone must understand the importance of customer communication and exactly what is expected of each interaction.


Proactive customer service pushes your organization to think outside the box and look for potential issues BEFORE they occur.

To read more, download the full PDF: 5 Essential Tools of Effective Customer Service and Retention

By Daniel Brazell, Vice President, Operations



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