System automates delivery of nonurgent findings for rads | October 15 – In today’s world of seemingly omnipresent cell phones and smartphones, along with widespread access to e-mail in most corners of the globe, fast and efficient communication among physicians concerning a patient’s test results should be easy, right?

Unfortunately, conveying critical results and findings from radiology exams in a timely manner to ordering physicians – and documenting the process – still generates concern for many radiology professionals. The process is being made easier through critical results reporting software and conversion to electronic records, but it’s still far from foolproof.

So what about the reporting of important but noncritical findings? The radiology department at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston uses a two-step process to alert referring physicians about important but nonemergent abnormal imaging results, employing an electronic messaging system administered by two clerical facilitators to simplify this activity for radiologists.


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