Michigan now lets doctors apologize liability-free

The Detroit News | Gov. Rick Snyder today signed “I’m sorry” legislation that will give Michigan health care providers greater protection to apologize for medical errors, without an “I’m sorry” comment being used against them in a lawsuit.

Michigan joins 35 other states and the District of Columbia with laws that generally prohibit statements or writings expressing sympathy, compassion or commiseration about the pain, suffering or death of a patient to a patient or family from being used as an admission of liability in medical malpractice suits.

The legislation was introduced by state Sen. Jim Marleau, R-Lake Orion, and was supported by groups such as the Michigan State Medical Society, Michigan Health & Hospital Association and the Michigan Association of Justice, a professional group of medical malpractice attorneys.

The measure passed the state Senate unanimously. State Rep. John Olumba, D-Detroit, cast the lone vote against the measure in the House because he believes the bill’s protection of physicians erodes civil rights for victims of medical errors.

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