The Continued Evolution of Radiology

Is the world of radiology simply going through a cycle of change or are we experience permanent changes to the world of radiology?

Over the past couple of years, new models have emerged – good and bad, new technology has enabled better services across all modalities, hybrid radiology services have become a popular topic of discussion, and all radiologists are dealing with ongoing cuts in reimbursements.

So, where does this leave the profession of radiology? Personally, I’m a fan a of change. As a company, we are forced to constantly evaluated how we conduct business and spend money. We are forced to constantly improve to ensure quality and performance is not sacrificed. While challenging, it’s a necessity for any industry or professional. Being that radiology has traditionally had such a low barrier to entry, I think this forced refinement will bring the cream of the crop to the top and actually improve patient care. However, this is a long process, but the indicators in the market are telling exactly this story.  Many teleradiology companies are simply dropping prices to compete or are plain old under performing.  The reason for dropping prices is partly due to decreased performance, but also the only way a company with little competitive edge can compete.  As for poor performance, this is a sign of a complacent organization who has failed to respond to a changing market.  Poor performance will not be tolerated in our industry and over the next couple of years these organization will completely fail or be acquired.  These are just some of my thoughts as I fly to meet with a prospective client currently receiving extremely poor service from their current vendor.

Please let me know your thoughts!

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