Teleradiology Cost

Teleradiology cost is one of the main concerns for many hospitals and groups today.  In uncertain economic times, it is important to control expenses and see results from every dollar spent.  As your partner, ONRAD can provide more than just teleradiology interpretations.  The executive team develops strategies to help our customers be more competitive in their local market.  ONRAD radiology solutions create a measurable Return-On-Investment our customers will start seeing right away.  A true teleradiology cost can only be determined after looking at some of the many benefits our customers receive:

  • On-site physicians don’t have to spend time re-reading preliminary reports from the previous night and have more time to spend with patients during the day
  • Ability to offer additional subspecialty expertise
  • Coverage equal to one or more full time physicians, at the cost of a part time physician
  • Ability to work with one vendor for on-site physician coverage, teleradiology, consulting services, and technical support


Teleradiology Cost: Preliminary Reports vs. Final Reports

Teleradiology costs can be minimized when a solution includes final reports.  When radiologists come to work in the morning, they can begin working with new patients instead of devoting additional time to re-reading studies from the previous night.  Your radiologists may also find that they have additional time to spend with their patients during the day.  In many cases, the price of final teleradiology reports is only about 10% more than preliminary reports.

Teleradiology Consulting Costs Prices

Teleradiology consulting services are complimentary for current ONRAD customers.  It is our goal to help our customers be successful, and our team can work with you to develop the strategies that will make you the most successful.  For new customers – the executive team at ONRAD looks forward to understanding your needs and helping to develop a program that will help you grow your business.  Our consulting packages are highly customized.  Please contact us to learn more about teleradiology consulting prices.

ONRAD Teleradiology Price Quote

It is difficult to estimate Teleradiology prices without additional information from a potential customer.  There are many factors that influence Teleradiology price including: number of exams, type of exams being sent, desired turnaround time, etc.  If you are interested in ONRAD’s services, tell us more about your needs and we will be happy to prepare a free no-obligation proposal for your review.  Here’s how you can contact us:

  • Fill out a short quote request form here
  • Call Lisa Maulit, Marketing Assistant, at (800) 848-5876 Ext. 2401
  • Email the sales team at

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