ONRAD RIS/PACS ASP services provide a significant cost-savings. Traditional PACS systems typically require large capital investments by a facility to install, and require advanced technical staff to perform the install, maintain the system, and upgrade the software. In addition, large service contracts are required. Using ONRAD’s RIS/PACS ASP services, your facility would only pay a small fee per study which would come out of technical component reimbursement.


ONRAD’s RIS/PACS ASP services are powered by Carestream Vue PACS software and maintained in a completely secure facility with redundant architecture. Setting up connectivity is easy and ONRAD will handle all administrative and IT tasks. ONRAD provides the necessary secure gateway devices to enable connectivity from your facility, and provides you with a secure login to access your studies with a full featured PACS viewer application. Installs can be done in minutes, and maintenance and upgrades are provided by ONRAD as part of the service. With the ONRAD RIS/PACS ASP model, you will avoid PACS headaches and achieve a significant ROI.

Pricing: RIS/PACS ASP Services

ONRAD RIS/PACS services are available as a pay-as-you-go plan. Pricing can be quoted with and without using our teleradiology interpretation services. There is no up-front risk and your facility will realize a significant return on investment using a RIS/PACS ASP services and study viewer powered by Carestream Vue PACS. Tell us about your needs, and we’ll prepare a customized proposal for your review. Here’s how you can contact us:

  • Fill out a short quote request form here
  • Call Lisa Maulit, Marketing Assistant at (800) 848-5876 Ext. 2401
  • Email the sales team at sales@onradinc.com

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ONRAD technology was carefully selected to provide our customers with the most reliable, customizable solution. We are committed to maintaining the best technology and we continually enhance and refine our system.

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