ONRAD Makes Your Life Even Easier With HL-7

Online Radiology makes your life even easier with HL-7 direct interfacing to your RIS.

Online Radiology’s long-running partnership with our RIS vendor has helped us develop the state of the art in communication interfaces. While Online Radiology has always been known for working with its customers to customize our interfaces to your needs, the industry leading standard in RIS and PACS integration is the Health Level 7
. Now, Online Radiology offers full HL-7 interface functionality so that we can interface seamlessly into your RIS, and since our doctors will be part of your medical staff, and our network connectivity is completely encrypted and secure, you can sleep easy at night knowing that your cases are secure, and the reports will be entered directly into your RIS so you don’t have to duplicate effort when you come in the next morning. You may even want to have Online Radiology doctors help you with your daytime call volume. See our Products and Services available to you for options.

“Standardization in an industry means that it is maturing and Online Radiology is excited to mature along with the industry,” says Jesse Salen, Director of Technology at Online Radiology. “We know that adapting a teleradiology RIS to a hospital’s RIS is one of the most difficult aspects of teleradiology, but Online Radiology has 10 years of experience customizing these types of interfaces, and now with HL-7, that customization becomes even easier. My technology team is always standing by to answer questions, and help make any interfacing go as smoothly as possible.”