Musculoskeletal Teleradiology

About Musculoskeletal Teleradiology Services

ONRAD can provide Musculoskeletal teleradiology services to Hospitals, Imaging Centers, and Orthopedic Practices of any size in all fifty states.  Final Musculoskeletal teleradiology interpretations can be provided for all modalities. Reading radiologists are experienced fellowship trained physicians that have been approved in advance by the customer.  Standard turnaround time is 24 to 48 hours, however, a more customized program can be created upon request.

Benefits of Musculoskeletal Teleradiology Services

  • Orthopedic practices can add to the expertise of the existing physician group
  • Musculoskeletal teleradiology services provide the coverage at least one full time physician, at the cost of a part time physician
  • Ability to work with one vendor for on-site physician coverage, standard after hours teleradiology, musculoskeletal teleradiology interpretations, consulting services, and technical support
  • On-site physicians don’t have to spend time re-reading preliminary reports from the previous night and have more time to spend with patients during the day

About our Technology

Setting up connectivity to our system is easy. After signing a contract for Musculoskeletal Teleradiology services you will work with an account manager and IT specialist, who will coordinate and customize your implementation. Connectivity is usually achieved using one of the following options:

  1. We set up and IPSEC point-to-point VPN tunnel to your facility and use our servers as a destination for your PACS or modalities.
  2. If IPSEC is not possible, we can provide a small DICOM appliance (about the size of a phone book), which only requires an IP address and gateway that allows SSL communication. We will install the server on site for you, and it will self-configure to transmit DICOM to ONRAD. Once you set your modalities/PACS to send to the DICOM appliance, setup is complete.

In addition, HL7 interfaces can be created to get Musculoskeletal teleradiology interpretations back to your facility, leveraging our DICOM/HL7 appliance to make transmission even faster.


If your facility needs a PACS system, ONRAD can include a RIS/PACS ASP service in our pricing proposal for Musculoskeletal Teleradiology Services. Our RIS/PACS ASP service provides a significant cost-savings. Traditional PACS systems typically require large capital investments by a facility to install, and require advanced technical staff to perform the install, maintain the system, and upgrade the software. In addition, large service contracts are required. Using ONRAD’s RIS/PACS ASP services, your facility would only pay a small fee per study which would come out of technical component reimbursement.

Learn more

Meet members of our Musculoskeletal teleradiology team on the Orthopedic Subspecialty Teleradiology page.

ONRAD also offers Foot and Ankle Teleradiology Services.