Interventional Radiology Brings New Cancer Fighting Technology to Presence St. Mary’s Hospital


Reprinted from the Presence St. Mary’s Hospital Newsletter, Kankankee, IL

Authored By: Presence Health Hospital Marketing Department and Dr. Farid Shafaie.

Thanks to technological advancements and the use of high-quality imaging equipment, Presence St. Mary’s Hospital is now offering interventional radiology as a method of administering cancer fighting drugs. Interventional Radiologists such as Sudheer Paruchuri, MD are able to offer patients and referral physicians a wide array of treatment options and techniques. Board certified in diagnostic radiology and vascular/interventional radiology, Dr. Paruchuri works with other specialists on a multidisciplinary cancer team to determine the best form of treatment for each individual patient. These minimally invasive treatment options can potentially improve the quality of life of a cancer patient, or extend their life all together. 

Through a process called Chemoembolization, a high dose of cancer-killing drug (chemotherapy) is administered directly to the cancerous area, depriving the tumor of its blood supply by blocking, or embolizing the arteries feeding the tumor.  Using imaging as a map, the interventional radiologist will thread a tiny catheter into the tumor itself to allow for a higher dosage of chemotherapy to be administered directly into the tumor. The embolic agents will block the flow of the chemotherapy so it doesn’t circulate throughout the healthy tissues of the body.

Chemoembolization itself is considered a palliative, not curative, treatment. It has, however, been proven extremely effective in treating certain types of cancers when combined with other therapies. In addition to Chemoembolization, Dr. Paruchuri performs other oncology procedures such as ablation (radiofrequency, cryo, microwave: Liver, lung, bone, kidney, adrenal, etc.), bland embolization (liver, kidney, soft tissue and bone), chest ports, IVC fillers and biopsies (CT, U/S).

The advanced radiological technology at Presence St. Mary’s Hospital allows access to high quality, subspecialized imaging services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Under the direction of Farid Shafaie, MD, Onrad Radiological Group and their network of more than 90 professionals are available on-site at Presence St. Mary’s to handle any and all imaging needs.

For more information on Interventional Radiology or to learn more about the services offered please call the Presence St. Mary’s Imaging Services Department at 815.937.2465 or Bourbonnais Imaging at 815.929.5800 or visit our website at

Dr. Farid Shafaie, an ONRAD Regional Medical Direction, is a Diagnostic Radiologist with subspecialty in Neuroradiology with a special interest in MSK and Spine MRI.  He serves as Chairman of the Radiology Department at Presence St. Mary’s Hospital and is active on multiple medical staff committees.  His radiology leadership at St. Mary’s also directs Onrad’s teleradiology support as well as an expanding interventional radiology program.