Teleradiology Stroke Protocol Program

ONRAD is experienced in providing teleradiology stroke protocol services for Joint Commission certified Stroke Centers, and maintains an average turnaround time of eight minutes.  The account management team understands the unique requirements of Stroke Centers and will work closely with customers to manage turnaround time and quality.  Detailed monthly turnaround time reports will be provided and any issues will be addressed proactively.  Technical support is available 24/7.

Teleradiology Stroke Protocol Procedure

ONRAD’s Teleradiology Stroke Protocol Program ensures that potential stroke patients are always a priority.

  • Once the patient has been scanned, the hospital sends the images to ONRAD and calls to confirm receipt.
  • ONRAD prioritizes the exam and it is sent to the first available radiologist.
  • An ONRAD radiologist reviews the images and marks the results as critical (whether positive or negative).
  • The results are called in to the referring physician directly.
  • ONRAD then documents the physician communication on the report and faxes it to the hospital.

ONRAD Radiologists

ONRAD’s radiologists have graduated from excellent medical programs and have also held academic appointments at Loma Linda University, University of Texas, UCLA, Harvard University, Tufts University, University of Illinois, and Northwestern University. Read more about ONRAD Medical Group.

Teleradiology Stroke Protocol Turnaround Time

ONRAD’s average turnaround time for stroke protocol exams is only eight minutes. With potential stroke patients, every second counts. ONRAD physicians will prioritize your stroke protocol exams and call in positive and negative results directly to the referring physician.