Quarterly Newsletter
Dear Colleague, 

It is hard to believe that 2010 is nearing an end. For ONRAD, it’s been a year of big changes and new opportunities. ONRAD has developed an On-Site Radiology Program, expanded its subspecialty capabilities, and introduced a new Stroke Interpretation Program. We are all excited about these new services and have found great success in implementing them as part of our customer radiology solutions. 
Sometimes it seems that in the radiology industry, the only constant is change. The recent acquisition of a major teleradiology provider certainly proves that the radiology industry is still in the midst of a transformation. However, the focus of the team at ONRAD will continue to be on providing outstanding service to our customers and quality care for their patients.
I’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome our newest partners from within New Mexico.  For one hospital partner, ONRAD will be providing a complete radiology solution including on-site coverage and supplemental teleradiology, and for the other, ONRAD will be providing standard after hours teleradiology services. The entire team looks forward to working with our new customers to meet their radiology needs.
I welcome communication and feedback from our partners. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. If you are planning to attend RSNA, please take a few minutes and stop by our booth in the South Hall, #3337.

Brian Phelan
President and Chief Operating Officer
Phone: 800-848-5876 x2315
Email: bphelan@onradinc.com
RSNA 2010 Update
According to RSNA, 21,000 professionals are currently registered to attend the 96th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting in Chicago. RSNA also reports that more than 700 technical exhibitors will pack the halls! Be sure to make your way through the crowds to visit ONRAD in the South Hall Booth #3337. We’ll be giving away new Amazon Kindles on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday afternoons. Just drop a business card in the entry box and you could be reading your new Kindle on the plane home! 
Stroke Interpretation Program 
Did you know that ONRAD provides a Stroke Interpretation Program for Certified Stroke Centers?
ONRAD’s Stroke Process ensures that potential stroke patients are always a priority. Once the patient has been scanned, the hospital sends the images to ONRAD and calls to confirm receipt. ONRAD prioritizes the exam and it is sent to the first available neuroradiologist. Results are marked as critical (whether positive or negative) and phoned in to the referring physician. ONRAD then documents the communication on the report and faxes it to the hospital. View the process here.
“As a neuroradiologist and the CEO of the medical group, I personally selected the members of the Stroke Team,” said Dr. Alix Vincent. “Our physician group understands the unique requirements of Stroke Centers and provides quality interpretations as quickly as possible.” ONRAD’s neuroradiologists have graduated from excellent medical programs including UCLA, Boston University, and Northwestern University. The physicians have also held academic appointments at Loma Linda University, University of Texas, UCLA, Harvard, Tufts, University of Illinois, and Northwestern University. Read more about ONRAD neuroradiologists here
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