Emergency Radiology Services

Emergency radiology services are the core of our business.  We know you’ll find our process to be simple and straightforward.  As your partner, ONRAD will develop a custom solution that will include our emergency radiology interpretations, which will help you become more competitive in your local market.

Choose Preliminary Emergency Radiology Interpretations or Final Emergency Radiology Interpretations

Preliminary interpretations answer a specific medical question (for example, whether or not a certain condition is present), and are not considered billable. The on-site radiologist must re-read the study and sign a more complete report, which is considered billable. Final emergency radiology interpretations provide a complete interpretation of the patient’s exam, in which all relevant findings are included. Final Reports do not need to be re-read.

Teleradiology services that include final reports are the most cost effective. When radiologists come to work in the morning, they can begin working with new patients instead of devoting additional time re-reading studies from the previous night. Your radiologists may also find that they have additional time to spend with their patients. In many cases, final emergency radiology interpretations cost only about 10% more than preliminary interpretations.

Switching to Final Emergency Radiology Interpretations

Many customers start out with preliminary interpretations until they are completely comfortable with the physicians and report quality. We understand it is important to maintain the same level of quality you’re used to providing for your customers. We are confident that you will be impressed with our emergency radiology services. It’s easy to switch to final interpretations, customers need to meet the following additional requirements:

  • Must be licensed in the U.S.
  • Must have Medicare billing numbers
  • ONRAD must have access to all relevant prior studies

Emergency Radiology Services Hours of Coverage

ONRAD emergency radiology services are available every day, all day. Usually, customers that need night emergency reads usually request service between 5pm–8am. However, we can accommodate these studies at any hour because ONRAD physicians are always on call.